Instruction Booklets

This link provides "DFU" Directions For Use booklets for the current model Autoscaler® device.

CLICK HERE: DFU-REV:G booklet is for Autoscaler® Rev. September 2020

This link provides Build-In Instructions for the current model Autoscaler® device.

CLICK HERE: Build-In visual aid

Infection Control Instructions

Ultrasonic scaling inserts are furnished non-sterile and require sterilization before initial use and after each use thereafter. Please heed to the manufacturer’s directions for all sterilization and usage requirements. 


This information supplements government agency guidelines for reducing cross contamination of infectious diseases during routine dental care. In the event any regulatory agency disagrees with this information, the agency requirements take precedence.


Before placing ultrasonic inserts into the handpiece, performing the following steps will increase the life of the o-ring on inserts:

  • Fill entire handpiece with water.

  • Lubricate o-ring (black or green rubber material) with water.

  • Gently tum the insert until the o-ring snaps into place.