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Do 25K and 30K Autoscaler   devices perform the same? 


This is a common question. There is no published data that provides conclusive information about this subject. 25K and 30K devices are equally effective. There is no need for a device that accommodates both 25K and 30K frequencies.

Does the Autoscaler   use the same insert tips as the Cavitron SPS and Bobcat scalers?


The Autoscaler   is available in 2 models. The 25K (25,000Hz) CPS and 30K (30,000Hz) CPS (cycles per

second). Each model accepts ONLY the designated frequency insert tips. (i.e., TFI#10-25K will only

operate in a 25K model Autoscaler  ).



Why are insert tips different lengths even though they look the same?

  • 30K Magnetostrictive

  • 25K Magnetostrictive

The frequency or speed (Hz/CPS) at which the insert vibrates is determined by the overall length from top to bottom (i.e., a 25K insert measures approximately 7.5 inches and a 30K insert measures 6.5 inches). 25K and 30K insert tips are not interchangeable.

Why would the water, handpiece or insert get warm during use?

The cause of water temperature elevation can be caused by the following: 1) - The minimum water flow requirement of 20cc per minute for all insert tips is not present. 2) - The power level setting is set to high for the style insert being used. Example: SLI and FSI inserts are fragile, and do not require high power levels. High or Medium power can break these inserts. The recommended power setting is indicated on the manufacturer’s package. 3) - Worn or bent inserts can run at an elevated temperature due to lack of efficiency so unused energy is released as heat instead of mechanical energy as designed.

CAUTION: Do not touch the vibrating section of the insert to any flesh such as the cheek, gums, or tongue. We suggest utilizing a topical anesthetic to desensitize for subgingival procedures. The vibrating portion of the insert can administer a Friction Burn to the flesh if not properly controlled because the insert is vibrating/cavitating at 25-30 thousand back and forth cycles per second. Become familiar with the operating parameters of this device before administering prophylactic procedures. To avoid unnecessary friction discomfort, please retract all flesh and keep the insert in motion. Never rest the insert or handpiece wand on the lips during a procedure. Heed to insert manufacturers recommendations for correct power settings and use.

How do I measure 20cc per minute flow?

Prepare your Autoscaler    for use per normal preparation to receive your next patient. Select your insert tip. Place the insert in the wand without snapping it into place. Press your foot pedal and hold the handpiece wand upright until water begins to exit the wand. Now snap in your insert. Adjust the spray to your desired level. This is the key. If your desired water spray is not 20cc per minute or higher, your handpiece wand, water and insert tip can overheat. Now, while the insert is spraying, hold the insert in a graduated beaker or some receptacle that can measure cc/ml and time the collection for one minute. You should have a minimum of 20cc of water collected. If not, you MUST increase water flow. Repeat test until proper flow is established.


How do I sterilize inserts?

This information may not be current. Please heed to the manufacturer’s directions for all sterilization

and usage requirements. Click Here

How do I get in touch with Autoscaler   ? 


Contact customer service by phone at (909) 839-0888 from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm PST

Monday through Friday. You may send your requests by email to

Where is the Autoscaler   manufactured?


The Autoscaler   is manufactured in the United States incorporating over 40 years of manufacturing and design experience.


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