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American Made Ultrasonic Scaler For Over 40 Years

South East Instruments was founded in 1975 by Seymour Robinson to realize his dream of creating the finest, American-made ultrasonic scaler without sacrificing quality by outsourcing production to other countries. The end result of this ambitious dream was the Autoscaler, which immediately became a bestseller in the endodontic industry due to its high performance, premium quality, unbeatable value, and best-in-class warranty.

For over 40 years, South East Instruments has been manufacturing and servicing the Autoscaler  . In 2021, South East Instruments was acquired by Pac-Dent, Inc. and joined Pac-Dent’s growing family of dental brands. Pac-Dent is committed to continuing South East Instrument’s founding goal of producing the best ultrasonic scaler right here in the United States.  

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The Autoscaler features include:


25K and 30K models available

Detachable handpiece assembly that attaches to the front left side of the console


Precision automatic tuning

Water pressure flow regulation to ensure precise delivery of water during procedures

Designed to accept and function efficiently with leading Manufacturers magnetostrictive insert tips

Available in retrofit build-in style model that is incorporated into the dental chair and operates from the chair main rheostat.

Item # HP127A

Replacement Handpiece for AW25C or AW30C  

Item #AW25BI

Item #AW30BI

Autoscaler   Build-In Model


Item # HP127A-BI

Replacement Handpiece for Build-In models AW25BI or AW30BI

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