Need Service For Your Autoscaler  ? Call our REPAIR SERVICE CENTER :

(800) 648-0888 or (800) 648-9445 


Repair Service Center Address:

Autoscaler   Repair Department

Pac-Dent Inc.

670 Endeavor Circle

Brea, CA 92821


Autoscaler  offers professional service for the following magnetostrictive ultrasonic scalers:


  • Jorgensen Veterinary Scalers (except Piezo)

We provide a FREE repair estimate and fast turnaround.


Autoscaler   Replacement Parts and Accessories

Autoscaler   replacement parts are serial number dependent. It is crucial that the serial number located

on the rear or bottom panel of the product be provided when ordering replacement components. Please

refer to the rear panel of your Autoscaler    to identify the Serial Number.

PLEASE NOTE that excessive stretching or operation with less than recommended water flow and biofilm

contamination can cause premature failure.




How Do I Submit a Device To Autoscaler  Repair Department?

Carefully pack your device and note all accessories enclosed on your paperwork. Submit the device with

a description of the problem. After receipt at our facility, typically within 48-72 hours, we will email or

fax you a complete detailed estimate. If you approve the estimate, sign and date the approval section

and fax back to (201) 569-0250 or email us at and we will ship the

device back to you promptly.

*NOTE: Units over 7 years old are no longer serviceable.