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Time For A New Cavitron ?
Make The Switch To Autoscaler !

Why Autoscaler   ?
Because for over 40 years, we have built and serviced the finest U.S. made ultrasonic dental scaler. It makes great business and professional sense to switch to the Autoscaler .


costs much less




While Cavitron   is a fine product, so is The Autoscaler  

-- at less than half the price.  

So why pay more?


Autoscaler   offers free estimates and fast turnaround.


Best In Class


Autoscaler   is time tested over 40 years, provides and stands behind a six year warranty for circuit boards and 2 years for all other components.

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Endorsed by Prominent Professionals

Over many years of private practice I've come to learn what works and what does not.  I chose Autoscaler for my needs as it provides everything I need in an ultrasonic scaler.  It's durable, reliable, and an excellent product well worth the investment.  The warranty and being manufactured in the U.S.A. are added pluses.

- Yvonne Callas, DMD, FAGD



If you care about quality, value, performance, reputation and service, it's time to start:

Think Autoscaler  !


25k and 30k models available
Special periodontal & routine scaling
Detachable handpiece assembly
Precision water control
Made in the USA
Best in class warranty

Preferred Brands


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